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Glass Shower Walls And Doors

Glass showers: multi-purpose and elegant

Glass showers are durable, sturdy and timeless, so they’re great for any type of bathroom. Their elegant design and easy maintenance made them a wise choice if you’re renovating your bathroom. As well, their transparency will make the most of even small spaces and let in the greatest possible amount of light.

Design of made-to-measure glass showers

At Rampes et Balcons, we offer top-quality 10-mm or 12-mm glass shower doors and panels, depending on what you want. There are a number of possible configurations: sliding door on rails, insertion between two walls, doorless panels and much more. You can also choose the colour of the anchors and hardware (black, chrome or brushed nickel). Our experts will design a made-to-measure shower that perfectly suits your bathroom! We will also look after installation, so you will only have to take care of the ceramics!

Hardware warranty

The shower hardware has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty (if it was installed properly and was subject to normal wear and tear).

Maintaining a glass shower

Glass showers don’t require serious maintenance. After use, just rinse the glass doors and pass a squeegee to prevent drop marks. For occasional more thorough cleaning, we sell glass cleaner in our shop.

glass shower walls and doors

Online shop

Our products for glass showers

Would you like to install your own glass shower? You’ll find everything you need in our online shop: glass doors, glass panels, aluminum moldings, handles, rails and suction cups for handling glass. Please allow two or three weeks to receive the parts after ordering. Note that the edges and corners of the door or shower panels are polished for safety.

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