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Staircase stringers

Sturdy stringers for all types of staircase

Stringers, which are usually made out of wood or steel, are the parts making up the frame of an interior or exterior staircase. The stringer supports the staircase treads, risers and railing, so it has to be designed meticulously by professionals who guarantee their work, ensuring that your staircase will be durable and very safe.

Staircases usually have either a single or double central stringer or side stringers (one on the right and one on the left). For wider staircases, it isn’t rare to find three or four stringers, especially in the case of exterior staircases, to fully hold the weight of users.

sturdy stringers staircase

Types of materials for interior and exterior stair stringers

Aluminum stringers

Aluminum stringers are sometimes used when designing exterior staircases, in combination with aluminum, fibreglass or even wood treads. Aluminum stringers are light, easy to handle and maintenance-free.

colors for aluminium stringers

aluminium stringers

colors for wood stringers

wood stringers

Wood stringers

Wood stringers are still an ideal choice to bring a touch of warmth and distinction to a home. For interior staircases we choose a sturdy species, like oak, maple or ash. On the exterior, stringers are made from treated wood so that these essential structures won’t rot. Wood stringers fit in with any style of house or balcony whether traditional, rustic or contemporary.

Don’t hesitate to ask for our advice about your different options (species, models, etc.) so that we can best meet your needs and budget.

Steel stringers

Steel stringers are appropriate for both interior and exterior staircases. They’re extremely durable and sturdy, they don’t rust, they’re maintenance-free and they add value to your property. Usually steel stringers are black, but you can choose other colours such as brushed steel, grey or white. They can be placed either centrally or on the sides, just like wood stringers. Ask about the options we offer!

steel stringers
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