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Shower divider and glass railing in Lorraine

Glass door for shower in Lorraine Glass shower in Lorraine Glass railing staircase - Lorraine - 01 Glass railing staircase - Lorraine - 03 Glass railing staircase - Lorraine - 04 Glass railing staircase - Lorraine - 06 Glass railing staircase with stand-off Glass railing staircase with stand-off Glass railing staircase - Lorraine - 010 Glass railing staircase - Lorraine - 011

Location: Lorraine
Type of building: residential

Project description


The owners of this house in Lorraine wanted to renovate their bathroom with a doorless glass shower, so we installed two clear 12-mm tempered glass shower walls. The panels are held in place with black molding on the floor and wall. The streamlined design is perfect for the contemporary style of the bathroom.


To secure the mezzanine, we installed clear 12-mm tempered glass railings using a system of black stand-offs. The railing is 42 inches high and extends into the staircase, where it drops to 36 inches high. The handrail is attached to the wall with matte black steel fixtures to maximize the safety of the staircase. The glass in the railings is pre-drilled at the factory.

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